VISION researchers presenting at UK Data Service Health Studies Conference 2024

Two researchers of the VISION consortium project are presenting at the Health Studies Conference in July.

Dr Elizabeth Cook, Senior Lecturer at City, University of London, will present Indirect victims of violence: mental health and the close relatives of serious assault victims in England.

Dr Annie Bunce, Research Fellow at City, University of London, will present Prevalence and nature of workplace bullying and harassment and associations with mental health conditions in England: a cross-sectional probability sample survey

The free event, on 1 July at University College London (UCL), organised by the UK Data Service in collaboration with UCL and the National Centre for Social Research, will provide updates from the data producers of key UK social surveys with health-related content, such as the Health Survey for England, Understanding Society and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. There will also be presentations by researchers who have conducted analyses using health data

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